Jessica Hills was a passionate horse lover who had always been deeply concerned about the health and well-being of her beloved animals. She knew firsthand how frustrating it could be to deal with hoof cracks, which could be both painful and detrimental to the overall health of a horse.

Despite her best efforts, she struggled to find a solution that was both effective and easy to use. The traditional treatment methods available on the market were complicated and often required a wide range of tools, techniques, and screws to properly address the issue.

Determined to find a better way, Jessica began researching alternative methods for treating hoof cracks. After much trial and error, she finally stumbled upon a breakthrough: the use of heat to bond the hoof crack was the most effective and efficient way to treat and prevent splitting.

Excited by her discovery, Jessica set to work developing a unique welding tool that could effectively utilize this method. She spent countless hours designing and testing different prototypes, finally settling on a high-quality, easily transportable device with multiple design heads to ensure that it could treat any type of hoof crack.

With the HooveShield™, Jessica was able to revolutionize the way that hoof cracks were treated, offering horse owners a quick and easy solution that properly cured cracks within minutes. Today, the HooveShield™ is trusted by horse lovers around the world, providing relief and peace of mind to those who care for these majestic creatures.