Hooveshield™ Hooves Crack Welding Tool
Hooveshield™ Hooves Crack Welding Tool
Hooveshield™ Hooves Crack Welding Tool
Hooveshield™ Hooves Crack Welding Tool
Hooveshield™ Hooves Crack Welding Tool

Hooveshield™ Hooves Crack Welding Tool

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Hoof cracks can occur in all breeds of horses and ponies and can be a significant cause of foot problems and lameness. Once formed, the cracks can take many months to grow out and in severe cases can cause recurrent problems.

All cracks in the hoof wall have the potential to progress to catastrophic breakdown of the entire capsule, which is why they should be dealt with as soon as they appear.

Using our Hooveshield welding tool you can make sure to prevent the crack from getting any worse and give it time to heal.

Simply choose the right staple, insert it into the brass holder, press the power button, wait a few seconds, and let it do its job. It’s that easy!

Why should you own a Hooveshield?

  • Say goodbye to expensive vet bills

HooveShield is a safe and cost-effective method for preventing hoof cracks from growing wider and causing further problems for your horse. This simple yet innovative tool can save you money on your veterinarian's bills and keep your horse healthy and happy.

  • Crack-Free Hooves

The heated suture applied by this tool quickly stabilizes the hoof so that your horse can lead a normal life without any discomfort.

  • Different staple designs for different types of cracks

When it comes to hoof boots, one size does not fit all. That's why HooveShield offers a variety of staple designs to fit the unique needs of each horse and every hoof crack. This allows for a more targeted and personalized fix which will prevent the crack from growing wider.

  • Comes With All You Need

This tool comes with (1) Hooves Crack Welding Tool, (250) flat staples, (250) outer corner staples, (250) inner corner staples, (250) wave staples, (1) pliers & (1) utility knife to help you get the job done right.

  • Works on ALL Crack Sizes

Whether the crack is still on the surface or has gotten deep already, in both cases HooveShield will allow you to tackle the issue and get the hooves stabilized in the safest and most efficient way out there.

How To Use?

  • Choosing the right staple is important and it depends on the size of the crack.
  • First, insert the adequate staple into the brass holder and press the power button.
  • After a few seconds have passed, weld the crack by allowing the heated staple to melt slowly into the hooves.

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