Standard cam pack

Standard cam pack

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Wireless Docking Assist Camera with Monitor for Boats & Yachts 

Docking Your Yacht or Boat Was Never This Simple 

This is where unparalleled functionality meets unprecedented design. Nautica’s unprecedented design, which includes a wireless camera that transmits live visuals to the accompanying 7” LED monitor, makes for incredibly functional usage. Backing up your watercraft is now an absolute breeze. 

So How Does Nautica Help?

✔️Nautica wireless camera transmits images to a monitor screen, so while backing into the dock you can view every inch of what’s behind you, allowing for navigation in a way that saves your valuable and precious Yacht from any kind of damage resulting from accidental bumps or collisions. 

✔️Many Yacht owners complain of blindspots as the biggest problem while docking. Nautica solves this issue with a 120 degrees field of view which eradicates all blind spots and increases the safety aspect even further.

✔️The one-of-a-kind Wireless Infrared Night Vision Rearview Camera offers incredible additional visibility to back up your boat securely even when it is pitch dark like during the night! 

✔️ With an effective range of up to 15m, you can start viewing the dock from quite a large distance, thus helping you back up comfortably without last-minute deviations resulting from anything undetectable.

✔️Often times your luxurious Yacht might be out in the sun, but the accompanying monitor with a docking assist camera features a high-resolution screen that can show you what’s behind you clearly even on the sunniest of days.

✔️ No matter the weather, Nautica has got your back. The IP 67-rated camera can withstand rain and mud and transmit crystal clear pictures ensuring your docking views are not obscured.  

✔️You need not worry about spoiling the look of your Yacht either! Since Nautica wirelessly connects the camera to the monitor, no wires are at hand to blemish the beauty of your luxurious watercraft. 

✔️Nautica comes with a universal adhesive mount, which allows you to place and remove the device anytime and from anywhere at your convenience. 

✔️The complementary accessories such as power cables and appropriately color coded for easy installation. 

✔️And finally, not only used for docking, Nautica also makes safely transporting your yacht or boat painless, via your RV or Trailers. 

No matter the shape or size of your yacht or boat, Nautica is an absolute MUST HAVE accessory that provides unmatched viewing angles for effortless docking. Click the BUY button and get your hands on one today!

Nautica Features

IP 67 Rating Waterproof Camera 

Nautica’s wireless backup camera is built to last in the harshest environments thanks to its hard metal case. It is waterproof, mudproof, and unaffected by external elements. It offers dependable and durable performance for an extended period of time without ever overheating. 

Crystal Clear Monitor Screen

The accompanying 7” AHD LED monitor starts up immediately to transmit live visuals in crystal clear form that gets the docking job done and then some more.

Uncomplicated Installation & Setup

By simply following the step-by-step guide in the included user manual, you can set up the entire system easily, and start making the docking of your boat or yacht much safer. The included mount can be tightened with screws for a more permanent installation.

what’s Included 

Here is what’s Included 

✔️Wireless IR Night Vision IP 67 Rated Waterproof Rearview Camera with 120 degrees Fieldview and an Effective Range of up to 15m.

✔️ Wireless 7-inch TFT LCD Widescreen Display with Mount Bracket 

✔️ 2 x Antennas, 2 x Power Cables & Remote Controller for Parking camera

✔️ User Manual

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